Tefter is where you discover, share, save, and organize pages from around the web.

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Designed for personal use

No tracking, no ads, zero noise. Your web shelter. It is very easy to get started with Tefter. Just sign up to the service and start adding bookmarks.

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Never lose a link. We analyse the contents of any link you decide to save, to intelligently make it easier for you to find it when you need it.


Working on a research project or want to compile a training material collection of links to share with your colleagues? Our lists are perfect for you.


Tefter is a platform that has no place for social media vanity and narcissism. You share only links you think others might find useful. We don’t want to get our users addicted.


Explore feeds from sources like hackernews and subscribe to curated lists of neatly organised links from a growing community of experts.

Never miss a link again

Experience the moment, let us enhance your memory. If you saved it to Tefter, you’ll find it, your time is important.

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Hobbyist plan

HOBBYIST Starter Plan

  • Unlimited bookmarks
  • Up to 10 public lists
  • Unlimited private lists
  • Apps for all major platforms.
    We have apps for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, a command-line app, a browser extension and a Slack app.
  • Tag suggestions
    We automatically provide tag recommendations for all the bookmarks you add
  • Search by url, title or tags
  • Autocomplete
    You can search as you type and see results of lists, bookmarks, tags and domains.
  • Follow any number of users
    You can follow users and see in your feed bookmarks they decided to share. You may also like any of the bookmarks appearing in your feed.
  • Follow up to 5 feeds
    You can choose from a variety of newsfeeds to subscribe to and receive updates.
  • List subscriptions
    You can subscribe to lists of other users and get notified every time they add bookmarks.
  • Data import
    You can import bookmarks from Pocket, Pinboard or the browser. No matter the source or the format, we'll help import your bookmarks.
  • Data export
    No need to worry about lock-in. You can export your bookmarks and lists whenever you want.
  • Interactive bookmark previews
    We do our best to ensure that your bookmarks are displayed they way they're meant to. We have an ever-increasing list of integrations for YouTube, SoundCloud, MixCloud and others to render your bookmarks.
  • API access